Collection: Mewar (मेवाड़)

Introducing "मेवाड़," a captivating clothing collection paying homage to the rich heritage of Mewar in Rajasthan, India. Drawing inspiration from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat, it embodies Mewar's historic grandeur. The color palette, with soothing greens, reflects lush landscapes and intricate Pichwai and Mewadi art motifs, connecting to nature and tradition. Silhouettes emulate Marwadi ghumar dance grace, blending tradition with contemporary fashion. This collection celebrates Mewar's enduring allure, fusing cultural splendor with modern chic to transport you to the captivating region's landscapes and traditions. 

We are thrilled to unveil this collection, a tribute to the enduring allure of Mewar. Stay tuned to witness the fusion of cultural splendor and modern chic, as "मेवाड़" transports you to the resplendent landscapes and rich traditions of this captivating region.